Contra Costa Bail Services

CoCo County Bail works with the Costa County Sheriff’s Office, and the various police departments to secure the release of people accused of eligable crimes. 

When you learn that someone you know has been arrested, it is important to contact us as quickly as possible. When we hear from you, we will immediately start the process needed to secure a bail bond. 

If you are facing any criminal charge that is bail eligible, we are here to make thing happen fast. We offer services in Santa Rita, Alameda, Martinez, San Jose, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and other nearby areas. It only takes ten to thirty minutes, and we can have the transaction completed that will have the defendant released from the local police station in less than an hour or within 3-6 hours if they are in the county jail.

Bail Request

Please fill out completely. Once filled out, someone will contact you shortly.